In May 2002 I went to Pennsylvania in the USA to meet my friend Ari

We spent the first couple of days in Southern PA  and  went to visit Hopewell Furnace, which is a historic iron smelting plant and foundry, and then the Daniel Boone homestead. I had to go there, Daniel Boone was one of the heroes of the Old west, that I was bought up on.

Then we went to a Role Playing convention -  just a small one for players from PlayByWeb in the PA area.  Boy, were they surprised when I turned up. 

After that we went up to the Poconos mountains, which  was absolutely beautiful.  Lots of open pace and trees and mountains.  While we were there, we visited lots of  coal mines -  Yeah! I know  :)  BUT it is an important anthracite mining area, and they  have a great mining heritage.

Mind you we also visited Bushkill Falls down by the Delaware river as well.

Then on my last day we visited Waterloo Village -  which is actually in New Jersey, But was a great place to spend the afternoon.

Good job Ari likes history too ....

This  moth really impressed me - It  was as big as my hand -  and just landed on the doorframe of our motel room one morning.   It  stayed there  while I  took 6-7 pictures, but was gone by the time we got back, at the end of the day