Waterloo Village

Waterloo Village  was the last place  we visited, on the way back to Newark airport, and one of the attractions there was a reconstructed NA Indian village..  The  first picture  shows a 'starter' hut  made from squares of tree bark  supported on, and held in place by, branches and saplings.  As the family  expands it  can  be  extended to make a long house, as shown in the second picture.  

The  middle  row of  pictures  show  some of the other things  that interested me.  First is a log canoe under construction, you can see where they  have  been hollowing it out.  Second picture depicts the 'Woodland Spirit'   with its  black and red parti-colored face, while the third  shows skins hung up to  cure. 

There  were many, many other things at waterloo Village as well.   the  first image  shows a broom museum/workshop.  It wasn't  open, but  glancing through the window you  could  see a number of  different  styles of  broom, all partly made -   it  could have been a fairly interesting exhibition.  Next is a Ground Hog -  I always wondered  what one of these looked like -  now I  know its a rabbit sized hamster.  It was also the location of  a canal  routing village, and  had  an inclined plane as well as a number of  locks.  the inclined  plane was  just a set of  tracks  for  hauling the barge over a hill that was in the way.  The  bottom picture  shows a brief diagram of the inclined plane, with its  old  location as a back ground.  they  actually  made the barges in two  parts   and  joined/hinged them together to  make it  safer to  use the inclined plane.  Other exhibitions here included a saw mill, blacksmiths, canals museum, rag carpet making  and a variety of  houses.  Well worth a visit if you pass this  way.