PlayByWeb Convention

These are some of the guys who were at the PBW convention in Reading Pensylvannia.  CelticFanatic (or Ari) to the right and Dollsteak, Tommy, Virginia and Arkwell along the bottom.  Pandora Box and XY-Airboy were there as well, but I  didn't get a decent photo of either of them  :(

Only Ari and Dollsteak knew I was going to be there -  so it was a surprise for the  rest of them.  I  took a game with me, and finished up running the first  game. Every one said they enjoyed it, so that was good.


Dollsteak and his family stayed over in the same Motel as Ari and I -  so  we  spent the evening together and then met up for breakfast again in the morning.  You can see Doll's son Zach in the front seat and his wife, Kelly,  climbing into the back.  They were great fun -  Zach even helped me choose a couple of toys to bring back for Ian.  Although I Still don't understand how Dollsteak managed to finish up with such a great family  ...