The Duchy of Falmar

Hapsburg, in the Duchy of Falmar, is the setting for a game played on  RPoL, with  JohnB and Ari as GMs.  

The game itself is played using a simplified version  of the D&D 3rd Edition rules.  We use the most basic combat forms and only allow  classes from the PHB -  which means we can concentrate on the game and area rather than the mechanics of the game.  Demographically the campaign area is designed to represent a mixed race area with guidance for numbers and levels taken directly from the DMG. Overall, we have a very simple, straightforward  game setting, that doesn't intrude too much into the game itself.

Further Information

Hapsburg is our main playing area.

Other Areas of Interest
The Alliance

Duchy of Falmar
  Falmar City

The Harkness Mountains
The Great Forest
The Lake
Map of the Grand Duchy of Falmar