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A roster of characters

Old characters have to go somewhere and this is the place for them :} If nothing else it gives me something to look back on and remember all my old favourites.  However it also serves as place to keep current characters and their history.  These are just a few of my favourites from across the years.

Oliver Green-Barrel – was the very first campaign character I played, way back in the early 1980s.  He was an old fashioned first ed D&D Druid.  Eventually he went on to be a high ranking NPC in my 2nd ed game world.

Yuthric Greenteeth was a half orc Cleric-Assassin - when I wrote him for a first ed campaign - but turned into a Cleric-Thief when we was re written for 2nd ed game a few years later.  Yuthric was the first character who I wrote a proper character history for. 

Jesse Pagini was my main character in the late 80s and early 90s.  He was a 2nd ed Bard/Ranger and I used Class Kits to make him a real animal specialist.  He could, literally, charm the birds from the trees – and just about any other animal besides.  He too became a high ranking NPC in my 2nd ed game world.

Flower Night-Sky – a monk who started off as a player / NPC in a very small group – and finished up getting played for ages.  He went on to be the main NPC I used for my son’s first games and also became an integral part of the first in game trading company I talked the players into setting up.  The Far Flung Trading Company, or  FFTC as it was known, featured heavily in all the games I played with that group and went on to become a party of my 2e games world. 

Peter Gasgano started off as an NPC.  He was a trainee sage who was assigned to the party in the Galinia game (the first game I ran online) to act as mapper, nurse and cook and was my version of an NPC Class before they were introduced in 3rd ed.  He stayed in that game for years, and then when the game came to an end, he moved to another game as a player character.  It was the first time I have played a character that was seriously underpowered when compared to all the other characters.  It was great fun working out how to make him active and effective.  He even got a small part in a NWN world that I co-wrote. This is a link to Peter Gasgano’s Journal, which describes some of his early history.

Hamin Carmine is a mercenary fighter who I took over many years ago – and then did a fair bit of work to make him MY character.  I played him for years and then had a break from forum based play to build (and play in) NWN worlds.  When I came back later, the GM kindly reintroduced him to the party for me.  Currently he is adventuring with his daughter (a new character) and some old friends. And it feels like he has never been away  :}

Gagak is my first pathfinder character – he is a barbarian playing in a table top campaign.  It is, I think, the first time I have applied the character building skills I developed in on-line games to a table top character.  Gagak


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