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Greater Hann

Greater Hann is my main AD&D II playing environment.  The earliest parts of Hann were written in the very early 1980s and live in ring binders next to my desk.  Hann has hosted three tabletop campaigns and an internet game.


Falmar is my D20, D&D world, that is used for a 'weekends only' game at RPoL.

Porter's Bar

Porter's Bar is a different fantasy setting, it was developed in a number of different collaborative projects.  It is a fairly generic setting with AD&D overtones, and might be ressurected at some point :)

 vonPeblacker's expansion 

An 'outer space' setting, that I developed for a game using a simplified version of the Classic Traveller rules..



Quad Light is a game system I  put  together.  It could do with some more work though.

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