Inky's Webpages

Inky is my character from an AD&D Game called
The Road to Merlington Fair
Which is hosted at RPoL

Only 33 tall Inky makes up for his lack of size by his distinctive clothing. Often dressed in a royal blue shirt, he wears a red and white chequered head scarf and a number of ornaments in his hair and beard. His nose, which appears large to most people, is actually a little on the small side for a gnome, but then (as Inky will tell you) its a family trait to have a small nose.

Inky is a cheerful gnome, and nearly always has a grin on his face that makes you wonder quite what he has been up to now.  Although, when you think back on it, he never actually seems to get up to anything very bad or annoying at all.

Apart from the beard, you could almost think of him as a mischievous child.


The Caravan or Wagon