Great Lake States

The Great Lake States nestle pleasantly in the mountains, surprisingly, around a large slightly salty lake.

Bime is a fairly flat coastal state that includes the thin strip of land between the lake and the sea. The main town, also called Bime, stands on this thin strip and controls access to and from the lake. It is assumed that the slight saltiness of the lake comes from underground connections with the sea, but no body has discovered them yet.

Sybarite, the largest state, occupies a valley at the head of the lake and mainly trades by ship, through Bime. There are, however, mountain passes that allow access to the Kharg Plains, The Far Coast State, Rock Home, and Lower Smokey.

Rock Home is the stronghold of the Rockser Clan of gnomes and has passes that give access to the central wilderness, Lower Smokey and Sybarite.

Lower Smokey, a small state in a mountain valley, is the traditional home of the Pagini's, one of the longest established Celtic families in Greater Hann. Lower Smokey has mountain passes leading to Sybarite and Rock Home.