A Trip to see England's Heritage 


In November 2001 my friend, Jhael, moved to England from Australia.  She stayed with me for a few days to get acclimatized to England's weather and the  suddenly dark evenings and nights. Towards the end of her stay with me, we decided to do a whistle stop tour of England's heritage - well at least an introduction...

Click on the pictures to see our visits.


We started of by visiting Stratford-upon-Avon, home of William Shakespeare and really pretty English town. We got there Thursday afternoon and had a long pleasant stroll around, checking out the scenery and the beautiful old buildings, before booking into a B&B  and then introducing Jhael to a couple of English pubs and an Italian restaurant.  These are some of the nicer pictures I managed to take.
On Friday morning we visited Kenilworth Castle.
And Friday afternoon  we went to Warwick castle. Talk about a busy day.