The Bailey Family SK Pictures 

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Christmas 2000: Rosemary visited, we went to the beach and visited Winchester to play in the snow.


January 2001: It snowed so Ian and I built a small snowman.

Every so often I get to visit Edinburgh and our Scottish office.  Everyone up there is very  friendly and I  enjoy my  visits, sometime I even get the chance to take some photographs.  My mate Bill, hates the 'Parthenon'  view here, and has written a poem about  it.  If he  ever  sends me a copy, I will put a link to it here.  The other pictures are Edinburgh Castle, and the Scott Monument.

During the Easter 2001 break we had a caravan park holiday near Hastings.  Click on the caravan to see pictures of the holiday.


In May 2001 -  I went to visit my friend Mary who lives in Lakewood, near Seattle, Washington.  Clicking on the Washington State flag will take you the photos.
Then in July 2001, we went to Disneyland, Paris.  Click on the castle to see the pics.
Then in the Autumn of 2001 I visited Paris a couple of times and met up with my friends from Seattle.
Then in November 2001, I took Jhael on a whistle stop tour of some of England's heritage .....
January 2002  saw me travel to Tobago to visit my friend Carole.
The Commonwealth Games