2001 Disneyland, Paris 


Ian and I went to visit my sister Elizabeth and her family in France.  While we were there  we went to Disneyland, Paris with Christopher, Eloise and Zaza and we had a great time, even if it was a tiring couple of days.  We  left home, near Cherberg, early Tuesday morning and drove for about 5 hours to get to Disneyland, and got caught in road works in Caen - typical.  We stayed in the park 'til 11pm and were back again at about 9:30 next morning.  Left  again at 7pm and got home about  midnight.  Funnily enough, we all slept in for some reason, on Thursday.

While we wer
e there we went on three different roller coasters.  The first picture  shows the queue behind us  for the first one, Thunder Mountain, which was the only ride we really had to queue for on the whole trip.  The  second  picture is Indiana Jones and the temple of Peril - Backwards.  You sit  facing the rear of the car as you go around.  Try looping the loop backwards, its quite an experience!  The  other  big roller coaster is Space Mountain, where the whole ride is inside - and in the dark.  Looping the loop like that is even more fun! 


One of our favourite rides in Star Tours.  It is a simulated ride to one of the moons on Endor, where the shuttle gets involved in the battle to destroy the Death Star.  Its  great!  At the end of the ride there are a  set of  games  you can go on, they range from computer delivered personality tests to one where you can morph pictures of yourself.  In the last picture all 4 kids are on the space scooters.  Ian  was  really  proud because he  won that  game, he is at the very back on the right.


Some of the gentler attractions.  We all split up to go in the maze, and I almost fell through the hedge getting this picture of Christopher, a kind man helped me  back out again, though.  We were waiting to go into the Honey I Shrunk the Kids thing, when Elo took the second pic.  She  decided we all looked cool!  It's another simulation, where the  audience is  'made' to shrink.  All sorts of strange things happen, including getting sneezed on by a huge dog, before we were returned to normal.  The last picture is in Its a Small World, which is another of our favourite rides.  You drift gently along on a boat through an exhibition of thousands of dolls, all dressed in national costume, singing the Its a Small World theme.

We saw a couple of parades and met Mickey and Goofy, and at the end of the first evening we saw the Electric Parade, which was great.  By this time, Ian was so tired he curled up to get a little  sleep before it  started.  We lost Christopher during the Electric Parade, we all reckon he went off chasing girls, by he  denies it adamantly.  Still, he had a mobile phone with him, so we called him and all got back together quite quickly.

There were so many things to do.  We listened to a band, saw a dragon and Ian proved he couldn't pull Excalibur from the anvil.  We visited the haunted house, and everyone chilled out on Captain Hook's ship, as well as many many things I  didn't  get pictures of.

And then the cute picture to finish it all off.  We found a huge pile of soft Micky toys  ...

Ian is in there somewhere ...