Oliver Green-Barrell 

Oliver had been an initiate and developed as a druid within the Kingdom of Greater Hann and progressed to 9th level within the Kingdom. At about this time he first met Arison the Grand druid and became so impressed with his statesman like demeanor that he petitioned to become one of his attendants. His wish was granted and he served the Grand Druid as messenger and ambassador, for a number of years.

Suddenly his whole world turned upside down - the kingdom of Hann was invaded and much of the local Druidic circle was killed. Oliver asked for his release and returned to Hann to work with the local circle. Now 12th level, and a full druid, Oliver was one of the senior remaining druids in Hann. Oliver was active within the remains of Hann and gained experience quickly, he also progressed through the ranks to Great Druid with surprising speed. One of the things he did was to rescue the Heraldic Records of Hann and export them to safe keeping to a Druidic sanctuary he established close to the emerging state of the Strong Holds.

He had hardly been Great Druid for six months when Arison suddenly stood down as Grand Druid. The vacancy looked as if it would be filled by Bemhir, a southern Great druid who was known not to be sympathetic to the needs of the Hann Circle. So Oliver stood against him and insisted on the right of Challenge. The challenge was held using only granted powers across a complete Druidic grove, it was a close run thing but Oliver won. Bemhir survived and retired to his Southern Circle.

Oliver used the powers of the Grand Druid to reinforce the Hann Circle, and as soon as he had done this stood down to become a heirophant, Baron of the Holy Isle and Raven King of Armes to the area of the Old Kingdom of Hann. He remains in that role some 200 years later.

Oliver has been known to leave the Holy Isle during times of distress on the mainland, but has never been seen taking part in any of the battles. He has, however, written very personal and moving accounts of the destruction of the Principality of Galinia, The Bimian Uprising against the Zacharans, The destruction of the Wangate Empire, and the Re-conquest of Angasa.