In 523h, the Hordes rose again and attacked Galinia, which at that time included Angasa. The attack was effective and the state was destroyed and refugees fled into the other areas of Greater Hann. By 533h Angasa, the Island City off the Galinia coast, had been repopulated by survivors escaping from the hordes. These settlers were hardened and tough, and had survived by killing, murdering and stealing. Rather than join with the rest of the states Angasa stood alone and developed a reputation as being a haven for thieves, pirates and other bad eggs.

In h589, Augustus, a rich merchant with distant family ties to the old Lord of Angasa, seized his opportunity, recruited a rag tag army of refugees from the Wangate Empire, and carried out a surprise attack on the Island City. The attack was successful, partly because it had inside assistance, and Augustus rules Angasa as Head of the Council of Angasa, on which the religious bodies, the seamen, the merchants and the citizenry are also represented.

Angasa, now, is one of the most cosmopolitan areas you can find in the Greater Hann. Many of the population are descended from the original inhabitants of Galinia, and consist mainly of Norsemen and Celts, although there are a few who can trace their ancestry back to the Old Celts of the Galinia hill districts.  During the freebooting days, pirates and brigands from all all over the world came here, although many were dispossessed Norse or Midani stock. With Augustus, came more Norse, Celts of different tribes, Midani and a few followers of the Old Religions of Wangate. There are even a few people from the far reaches of Karat Tur, the occasional half-orc, as well as a few gnomes, elves and dwarves.

They turned Angasa into a thriving multicultural town, with trade links throughout the known world. It boasts a small deep water harbour, from which the master merchants deal in commodities from all over the world, and a small but active fishing fleet. The town is dominated by the Old Shell keep, a remnant from its earliest settlement, but which is now the Home of The Malik, Augustus, and the council.

Shops and market stalls dominate the trade district, and small farming communities live around the outskirts. All-in-all, you can buy just about any goods or services available in the civilised world, somewhere in the town.

Overall, it is a lively settlement, following traditional Norse/Celtic lines, but with occasional Midani influences

Two small ships, The Flaming Moon (a barijah) and The Midnight Sky (a small round ship) trade between Angasa and Galinia, although there is  always a larger ship or two in port, bound further a field, as well.

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