Succulent BBQ Sweet Corn 

This is a great dish for the barbeque.  It is really tasty and the corn comes out sweet and moist.  I serve 1/2 a cob per person, and accompany it with a choice of salads.


Corn on the Cob

Black Pepper
White Wine

Cooking Foil


Clean, peel and wash the cob, then cut into two.

Take a large piece of cooking foil and fold into a triple thickness, then place the two halves of the cob together on the foil.  Fold up the sides all the way around to make a small dish.  Into the dish add 1/6 glass of  white wine, a knob of butter and a generous grind of black pepper.

Fold the foils over the corn and seal the top by rolling it over, and then seal the ends by twisting then together and turning then up.  Cook them on a medium BBQ for about 20 minutes, or until the corn is cooked the way that you like it.  Make  sure that you keep the foil parcels the right way up throughout the cooking.

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