Red Hot Salad 

Quick and easy, with a bit of a bite. This recipe makes enough for four side salad portions.


1 Medium Red Onion
3 Tomatoes
1 Large Red Pepper
6-8 Radishes

2 beetroot (cooked)

Chilli Oil
Black Pepper


Cut the onion, tomatoes, pepper and radishes into a dice and mix together. Make as much of this as you like, it will keep well in the fridge.

Place the mixture into individual serving bowls, and sprinkle the diced beetroot on top.

To make the sauce take four heaped teaspoons of mayonnaise and four of mustard (I use the stuff with the seeds in) add about the same quantity of chilli oil (extra virgin olive oil with chillies steeped in it) and a good twist of black pepper and mix them together. Drizzle the dressing over the portions and serve.

If you donít have Chilli Oil, use extra virgin Oliver Oil and a good pinch of chilli powder.

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