Fluffy Boiled Rice 

Fluffy Boiled Rice tastes great and is really easy to cook. Not only that - you can cook loads at a time and freeze what you don't eat in individual portions. Reheat in a microwave on full power for 2-3 minutes or until piping hot all the way through. You can also use the defrosted rice to make Fried Rice dishes.


White Rice
Frozen Peas
Frozen Sweet Corn

Salt to taste


Rinse the rice in boiling water. Place the rice in a large pan and add the boiling water, stir it around and watch the starch come out, then strain it. Do this three or four times and the water will be coming off almost clear.

Add more boiling water and a pinch or salt to the pan full of washed rice and place on an already hot cooker. Cook for 15 minutes or until the rice just tender. 5 minutes before the end of cooking add the frozen vegetables and continue cooking.

Strain the rice and rinse in boiling water, stand the colander of rice on top of the pan and place the lid on top of the colander, stand for 2-3 serving. If you have an electric cooker, turn the ring off and stand the pan and colander combination on that.

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