John and Ari's Wedding Presents


We told everyone they didn't need to buy us presents - But did they listen?  Some did -  but not everyone ....  These are the prezzies from the folks that don't listen :P  (PS: We love you all)


Ron and Tienna gave us this lovely pair of cut crystal goblets.
Dick, Helen and the boys  came up  with  chocolate bottle of  champagne.  (Mmmmm,  Chocolate Champagne..)
Libby, Bill, Christopher, Elo and Zas  gave us this french wine and  biscuits  
Mary gave us a couple of  bottles to help us while away long quiet evenings ...
Sally and Dave  gave us this  beautifully embroidered wedding reminder -  featuring our initials, dragons and the wedding date. 
Susie, Jas and Joe  gave us this beautiful growth of crystals.
  Pauline, Brian and Pat, Peggy, Connie and Pat, and Karen  all gave us  some money.  We  have  decided to put  the money toward a new  sideboard  for our  hall.  We  will then be able to  think of  it as  our  wedding celebration piece  ....  A  picture later ....