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We stayed at an adult only campite called greenhill Farm just outside salisbury.  It was a very quiet pretty site with a couple of fishing lakes.  We don't fish, but it was pleasant to see the heron and other water birds using the lake on a daily basis.

Like aways we miss taking pictures.  The nearest village to the site is called Nomansland, and its right on the edge of the new Forest.  We had dinner in the pub there one evening.  It was a very pleasant meal, in a pleasant environment -  and when we left there were ponies wandering along the grass verges ....

The top two pictures were taken at Old Sarum.  Originally  built in 500bc as a hill fort, it was subsequently used by the Romans, Saxons and Normans.  Now it it just a very pleasant day out.  The first p[hoto shows the entrance to the Norman castle, the second shows the remains of the  Norman Cathedral.  After a few years they decided that the cathedral was in the wrong place -  so they built a new one two miles away.

The next day we went to visit the replacement cathedral. This newer cathedral, Salisbury Cathedral,  was consecrated in 1258 - so its been around for a few years now!  the first picture ios a model of what old sarum would have looked like 800 (or so) years ago.  The second shows the main tower at salisbury cathedral - and then there is Ari in the cloisters.  We also saw one of the original copies of the Magna Carta in Salisbury Cathedral - signed in 1215 and one of the first documents in the world to restict royal power. There were more than one 'original' copy of this document as one was sent  to eeach of the leading barons of the day.

OK.  Enough of the history lesson for now.  While we were at the campsite the local heron flew up into a tree and sat there waiting.  While I have seen a few herons before, I have never seen a heron in  a tree.  I know they nest in colonies in tree, but thats not something I have ever seen either.  If you look really carefully (click on the thumbnail to open a full sized picture)  you can just see the heron  poking out of the top of the tree.

Old Sarum 1

Old Sarum Model


Old sarum