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The Lake District

You may be aware that we have spent most of the last three and a half years trying to buy a going business.  All together we have made offers on five different businesses - and all have fallen through for one reason or another.  Previous businesses have been located in Ilfracombe (We couldn't act quickly enough), Southhampton (Bank withdrew funds at last minute), Persarn in North Wales (Dry Rot) and  Blaenavon in South Wales (A complete mis-understanding of local property values all around).   I can accept  all of those. 

The last business we tried to buy was in Barrow-in-Furness in Cumbria.  This time the woman who was selling the business suddenly withdrew -  four months after agreeing the sale.  At that point, we had spent about £2000 in various fees, which we have no chance of claiming back from anyone. That woman's lack of good-faith  has cost me money.  Fortunately, I have made a conscious decision not to behave like that.  However, I can't help hoping that whatever plans she has fail and cost her an awful lot of money.

We have decided that was our last shot at buying a business.  Every time it fails it costs us money and is a huge set-back psychologically.  We can't afford to lose anymore money and we can't afford any more knock backs.  Right at the moment it feels like we can't succeed.  That is not true, of course, but it will take us a while to get all the confidence and bravado back again.

We did get to spend a day or two in Barrow and the Lake District.  The first  picture is a view into the Lake District just after we turned off of the main road out of Barrow.  Th next three four pictures are from Coniston,  a shot of the museum, a mountain and the local pub.  The water is a view of lake Windermere from a nature park we stopped at.  The last one  is Ari in a reataurant in Barrow.  I like to have at least one picture of us, but Ari hates it  when I post her picture.  She's started taking control of the camera whenever we go away now.  I wonder why?

Mountain View


Lake Windermere

The Museum