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26 June 2004

A concert in The Mall in  London to celebrate the Olympic Flame passing through.  Tickets were free and we managed to get three pairs -  that meant that Ari, Ian and I could go,  along with my sister Sue and her kids, Jazzy and Joe.

We took the train up to London and then made our way across to The Mall.  It is a good job we were reasonably early, because we managed to get a spot where we could see the stage -  some of those who came later  didn't get very much of a view at all.  It rained, on and off, all afternoonn -  but we still had a good time.

All sorts of people were on stage including (but not limited to) Those on stage included Rod Stewart, James Brown, Ozzy and Kelly Osbourne, Will Young, Emma Bunton, Jamelia and McFly.

The camera isn't really good enoughto get pictures of the performers -  but here are a few of us, the crowd generally, a shot to show we could see the stage and the red Arrows fly by.

Here are a few of the pictures.  Click on the thumbnail for a bigger shot.