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June 2004

It was the 60th aniverasy of the D-Day landings and a small fleet of Allied war ships (British, American, French and Canadian) escorted a  channel ferry full of D-Day veterans back across the English Channel.  The ferry was, aptly, a Brittany ferries boat called 'Normandie' and the veterans were going to France to take part in the official  commemorations.  They were all accompanied by a flotilla for small boats some of  which were second world war veterans in  their own right!

The ships  left from Portsmouth harbour, so we went across to watch them depart from Southsea beach.  So did a few thousand other people :)

Anyway here are a few pictures.  Unfortunately it took me ages to get these images online, and I can't  remember  which ship is  which. :(

As the ships left there was a flyby -  I think it was from  a Lancaster bomber, a Spitfire and a Hurricane. - they  would certainly be appropriate planes.

There was also a 'show' on Southsea common, although I didn't get any pictures of that.

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Ships we saw ....

Other images