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In March we went to the US to sort out Ari’s Visa. We started in New York to visit the consulate - then we went out to Pennsylvania while they were doing the paperwork. In PA we went on a few trips and visited with Ari’s family.

 About the only trip out we took was to Amish country - and guess the name of the town we finished up in? No? Read the sign on the wagon …

I met Ari’s son Brendan for the first time and we went out to lunch in a mega-burger bar called Fuddruckers .. -

This was also the time I came across Friendly’s Ice-cream. Mmmm - ask for the biggest most expensive one they have as your main course - they are great J But again I forgot to take the camera – D’Oh!)

Oh! And Ari got hold of the camera in the Hotel, she wanted to prove that I was there too.

Since we took these pics we bought another digital camera. Could be all sorts of photo’s next time …

Our second visit to New York just happened to coincide with the St Patrick’s day parade. Ari kept getting excited about the men in kilts and then kept giving me dirty looks every time I commented on the girls in skirts .. Still that’s life I suppose.

We  saw St Patrick's cathedral, took a walk through central park and had coffee and pretzels etc ..

 Then in the evening we went back to out hotel expecting a St Paddy’s day party …. Nope – it was all run by Hispanic People who seemed completely bored by the whole thing … Oh well …

 Anyway - click here for pictures of ‘Men in Kilts’ and ‘Girls in Skirts’ marching around a big apple. Oh, There is a picture or two of the skyline view from central park and St Patrick's as well.

Be warned its a long slow page to load though.