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During the summer we went camping with a lot of our friends in Glastonbury.  We went with Sharon, Neil, Kayleigh, Steffie, Sally, Dave, Karen and Alia.  But Like always  we  forgot to take any pictures of them  :(  Next time gang .....


Anyway - Glastonbury is famous for its Tor, with a very early church tower on top of it.  However, the tower was being repaired and had scaffold  all over it and it rained like hell on the day we were planning to climb it.  So not even any pictures :(  Glastonbury has  great Christian significance (in that it is  supposed to  have a thorn bush descended from one  bought from Palestine, almost 2000 years ago) and it is heavily associated with both Arthurian legend and general Celtic Mythology.  Now its one of the main the New Age centers in the UK -  and the town is a delightful mix of  traditional country folk and new age 'hippies'.  (click HERE to  find out more about Glastonbury)


Anyway - on Saturday we visited the town and  the Abbey.


The deserted  abbey church is  still consecrated ground and occasionally used for services.

It has a fine example of a mediaeval kitten -  which was being used for a choir recital  while  we were there


On Sunday  we went out to lunch in a nice pub (it  rained cats and dogs) then we went to a 'country life' museum.  We had been intending to climb the Tor -  but in that  weather?  No Chance!