February 2003


We arrived in Stratford at  about lunch-time on Sunday  and spent the afternoon  just  wandering around.  We  saw  lots of  swans  and the statue of  William Shakespeare and then  went to a craft fayre -  where Ian impressed me  by  buying a sunstone Buddha  with his  pocket money  (and taking a loan  against the  next  6 weeks to be able to afford it.   It  was a really  nice little statuette too :)

We  didn't  take a lot of  pictures  but here are few  we  thought appropriate.

While  we  were walking  we  found the American Fountain.  It  still has  a working water  fountain on one side as well.  

Not only is it a nice monument, we thought it appropriate  for a photo of Ari  :)

Here is the inscription


Later we went to  visit the local museum.  Its  next  door to the site of  Shakespeare's house and  had quite a few interesting things.  However, by the time  we had looked around Ian  was a bit  restless.  I  am not  sure  he enjoyed Shakespeare's Knot garden in the  way it was intended.